Joe's Go DatabaseMarch 2017

Joe's Go Database (JGDB) is a dataset of more than 500,000 games by professional and top amateur Go players for training machine learning models to play Go.

MSP430g2452 and printf using MSPGCC ToolchainMay 2014

Why did LaunchPad ever think it was a good idea to ship a microcontroller without hardware UART? No one knows....

Paul Allen Computing Challenge - SQLite StarterMay 2014

SQLite is a great tool to get started with the PACC because it is self contained, serverless, and easy to set up. I provide the database files and some sample code to get you started.

MNIST in CSVDecember 2013

MNIST is a great dataset in awful packaging. Here's a CSV instead of that crazy format they are normally available in. Enjoy!

Pokemon HeartSeptember 2013

For our entry in Facebook's React.js hackathon in Seattle, David Bell, Alex Bullard and I recast Pokemon in a world without battles where Pokemon can meet and get to know each other in a quest for finding true love. Our entry took first place in the mobile category.

Game Development in JavaJanuary 2012

I worked on a team of three students to design and implement a 3D game in Java. We implemented dynamic, obstacle-based pathfinding, interactive terrain, 3D animation and more.

Senior Thesis: Ray TracingFebruary - May 2011

I researched ray tracing, its mathematical underpinnings and modern usage. I implemented a ray tracer in C++ that supported specular reflection, diffuse reflection, and transmission; general spectral distributions for light sources and reflectance curves for surfaces; and numerous shapes including triangles and general three dimensional quadric surfaces.

Procedural City GenerationJanuary 2011

I worked with fellow CS major Alex Bullard to develop a program to procedurally generate cities. We researched various topics in computational geometry and computer graphics to make generated cities realistic and interesting.

NeHe Tutorials Using GLFW

NeHe has some of the best tutorials out there for OpenGL. However, all of his original code is in Visual C++ using native Windows window management. I've been playing around with GLFW to do window management and set up the OpenGL context and I wasn't able to find any examples of the NeHe tutorials using GLFW so once I got mine working I decided to post it in case anyone else finds it useful. Enjoy!

Pascal VOC Dataset Mirror

Here is a mirror for the Pascal VOC files in case, you know, you want to download them at a somewhat decent rate.


CIFAR-10 Dataset Mirror

A mirror of the popular CIFAR-10 dataset, in png format.

Common Objects in Context Dataset Mirror

A mirror for the Common Objects in Context (COCO) dataset. Because I felt like it.